Calling all
imaginative kids...


After writing and art directing over 40 interactive stories and publishing a book or two, Lola's Lab is now developing an interactive web experience. Kids become heroes of imagination helping Lola's fantasy characters by learning expressive techniques, sharing their ideas and saving the day through creativity!

The show is in
pre-production now. 

Here's what's happening:


  • Concept art is in the's really cool and looks much like what you see above (which is an actual shot from our screen test! We are writing our theme song too.

  • Lola's team development is happening already including fabulous artists, actors, and a Hollywood producer.

  • A crowdfunding campaign is in development...we'll alert you when it's ready for launch! 

  • Our progress is being blogged about in the Lab Blab, subscribe and stay current!

  • Whether it's being our awesome interactive audience, an investor or on the production team, everyone is important on this journey! We want you and the strengths you bring to join us on our journey in the Lab!