The  Lab Cast

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Kitty Creepalong,
 Art Thief
Wanda Round, Adventurer
Shrinkologists, Shermin and Shirley Shrinker
Jon Odem
The Mayor
of Mirthville
Zoopossible's Queen Hera
of Mt. Olympus
Pirate Sandy of Artventure Island
Miss Organized of Myrthville
Zeus, King  of Greek Mythology
Lola Lombard
Cashandra"Cash" Bacon
Earle Lloyd lll
Heather Howard

Earle, who plays many of our characters is also a pop singer, opened for the Backstreet Boys and toured all over the world!

Heather is a performing artist so versite, she swaps characters with the blink of an eye!

Cash is not only an awesome site director and Lola's right hand, but an awesome jazz singer too! 

Jon has acted with the Lab for 7 years now, but you can also catch him at all the top theaters in the area!

Pssst! The Lab kids have used the secrets to reverse and rebuild the shrink/grow ray for Sherman and Shirley. 

Do you know how to Frinkelfish? Wanda does. She landed her balloon right in the midst of the tournament last time!

Keep this cat away from your prized museum artifacts! 

Oh gee, someones lost her offical clipboard of duties for the Mayor again! 

Lab kids, don't trust that goofy smile...Pirate Sandy is out for your treasure!

This lovely queen comes to the Lab to solve all her extraordinary problems.

The Mayors job is never done since there are plenty of parades, pagents, fairs  and festivals to officiate! 

Zeus "appears" in Lola's Lab when there's trouble on Mt. Olympus!

Sticky fingers alert! Keep your "Shirlie Whirlie" prize winning pies of of Carnies, sight!

Ferris Wheel Operator
Suzanne Sunshine 

Anyone see Zoe's Zipperosa's pets running all over NYC? Can Suzanne get your report?

Tex, the Pickle King from
the Preposterous Parade

Owner of the largest pickle factory this side of the planet  AND the proud sponsor of the Marching Pickles in the Myrthville Town Parade.

Fritchie's visual art is as fantastic as the smile she beams at eveyrone in the lab. 

Kristen "Fritchie" Frithch
Captain Kaleidoscope

 We're proud to present our cast of imaginative characters and professional actors/artists who guide your kids in creative ideas. 

Want to work with Lola's Lab? Reach out to us.