2016   Summer Camp Theme Descriptions


Each of our camps is a story the kids adventure inside! We have 3 unique themes that repeat, though everytime they are presented the children experience them differently because our actors incorporate thier ideas into our stories each day! 



Toy Factory   


Calling all kids who love TOYS! What if you had your very own toy factory? Join lols lab and save the small town of toy crafters from being taken over by a hilariously evil villain and her toy-making robots. Through our super spectacular combination of art, movement and drama kids become the imagineers, and the fun ideas they dream up will come to life and send those robots away! See dates this camp is offered here.


Art Venture Island


Gillian Island meets Lola’s Lab this summer when the Lab kids start off on an ocean cruise but oops! -they get shipwrecked on an island with some funny pirates! Madcap adventures ensue as as we join in a mixture of art movement and drama building huts and inventions and colorful cardboard ships to sail the 7 seas back home! See dates this camp is offered here.


Zoopossible: Myths on Mt. Olympus


Zoopossible: Myths on Mt Olympus,
Lab kids join Zeus, Hera, and Hermes redesigning the wacky and wonderful Mt. Olympus Zoo for all the imaginative creatures from myth (and our own imaginations) during “hatching season”! See dates this camp is offered here.