Snow  Camp Days

Think ahead and get on our event list, facebook and twitter today by clicking on the starry cloud and follow us on our account icons! We usually have to send an alert in the wee-hours so you can register for camp. Some announcements are made over twitter and facebook.


Snow Camps happen in real time, so important updates are announced on Twitter and Facebook. Stay connected with us please. 

As we fill we are will open more space as more teachers confirm availability so keep checking if it looks like we are full. Thanks for your flexibility!


Snow day spaces are limited and fill up very quick!

Weather conditions permitting, we open camp. People who reserve must stay tuned for pertinent details announced by text on the morning of camp.

Your reservation will have a special RESERVATION payment.  We are excited about this new way to reserve!
    —In the morning, if it’s determined we can indeed hold camp, we run the charges for your reservation. 
    —If it’s determined in the morning we are unable to open camp, you won’t be charged. 

-If we are open but delayed past 9, the charge for core hours are the same but we may just cancel earlycare. If we can't make it in, there is no charge.



Our location is right on Glebe road and so it’s easily accessible.
Capital Life Church, at 1800 N. Glebe Rd. (Practically right in front of Glebe Elementary School. Enter through the doors near the parking lot in back. If the conditions cause a delayed opening, we will alert those attending by email and post this on our website front page.


How is our snow camp determined: 

1- schools closed, our location is accesable by good roads

2-number of Lola's staff that can make it in

3-number of families that can make it in-Let us know if your roads are good with a text on our twitter!

4-can we communiate all systems go to families early enough?




"Many thanks for providing a solution for parents.  Pleased to see my daughter so happy when I left." Best, Lisa Coker



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