F. A. Q's

Q: Do you have camp on the VERY LAST week of summer?

A: This year our camp is runnign the second to last week only. August 21-25 only. Register now, that week ALWAYS sells out beacuse parents wait and then find out that camp at private schools are over. Be smart- register early!

Q: My child has been to one of the themes before but is going again. Is that going to be weird?

A: No, not weird, great! It actually happens all the time! Every camp experience is a little different, even when the theme is the same. Kids come because they use their own ideas in the camp, they make different choices each time and see how this effects everything, they fall in love with the way we do things differently than other camps and the love each of the unique professional artists on staff who bring everything to life. So come!


Q: My child is older than 5th grade.  They still want to come -- can they be a Junior Counselor? 

A: We know our kids don't want to age out of Lola's Lab so 6th graders and up are ready to become Junior Lab Camp Leaders! A Jr. Leader gets all the benefits of camp plus they get to take on responsibilities, add thier creative ideas to shape the day, help the teachers, assist the younger students, help set up and more! The fee is the regular fee, since we still follow all the same ratio policies adn they still get to make all the projects too.

Q: My child is 4 but ready for Lola's Lab -- can they come  to camp?

Actually yes! Though our broad advertising says kindergarten is our starting point, our entry is all about focus and socilaization level. So we take 4 year olds in Montessori in fall, and we allow non-montessori 4 year old girls by spring break. 4 year old boys need to wait till Spetember. Get in touch with Lola and we can register your early age children adminstratively. 

Q: Why haven't I recieved any back pack mail about camp lately?

Just because we didn't send a flier, doesn't mean we don't have camp all the time. We loved backpack mail but APS has restricted fliers. At the same time, our email event list is more and more powerful. So you and yoru friends are on it, you'll ALWAYS know about camp and EVERYTHING else too- LIKE DISCOUNTS! YAY!

Q: How will my friends know? Can I help you tell the world?

A: We'd love it if you'd help us spread the word to friends about how happy your kids are at Lola's Lab and let them know all weeks will be great ones, no matter the theme! Let them know to look at our website for the new weeks! Ohhh, will you please chat about our camps on PTA and neighborhood list serves? That should really help! Thank you, Lola's Lab families!


Q: What if I  left  something at camp? 

A: We leave items at the camp location so it's easlier for you to return at your convienince, to pick them up. 

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