Creative  Downloads!


I'm excited to put up some books, lessons and coloring pages for you and your kids! Everything is interactive.


Please watch the episode and then create with the downloable files! These are great for anytime fun, homeshcool, or Lola super-fans!



Video (free access- pay per google ads)


Content #1 (free download) Description 

Content #2 ($0.99 download) Description

(incluing what you'll need for the project) 


E- Book Download #1

Zoopossible: Royal Kingdom ($1.99)

Description- 42 pages


E-Book Download #2

Superoink ($2.50) Description- 80 pages!


Creative Tee Painting Experience (show photo of kid painting) 

($15.00 + shipping)


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Like Lola's awesome stories and lessons? Can you imagine them in person? The lessons we do are unique and are collabrative since we are all together at camp! Your child is guuided by professional level artists. Plus, the characters are with the children in a live action scenario! It's like Disneyland- but all educational and all original characters! Lola's camps have been voted the best in many cmmunity voting contests!