Core hours are from 9-3.

Early care begins at 8 am 

Extended care is until 6:00 pm


Prompt pickup is expected or late

charges will apply.


Emergency number

during camp:



Camp Policies


All Campers who register online: 


Seasonal Fee-There is a first time online registration fee of $6 when using our system. This fee will cover Lola’s Laboratory online camp registration service for a full year and when you register, your information will populate automatically making registration a breeze. This fee is not refundable. The fee season starts again each fall in the new school year.  If you use a partnering school's registration system instead of ours, there may be a small online fee associated with it which goes to that provider. 


Early Bird- When you register early, this is extremely helpful to us so some of our camps have an Early Bird Discount. This ensures the best possible staffing and preparation in a timely manner. We give a discount for your help. We would love it if you’d please register early if you can! 


Late Registration- Because we will work around the clock to prepare for your experience, some of our camps will advertise a late fee close to camp time.


Financial Aid: Select camps we run throguh Arlington Parks and Recreation have financial aid availalable for those who qualify. To qualify, call 703-228-4747 or see information here: http://parks.arlingtonva.us/fee-reduction-policy-overview/. If you want aid, please email us, and please contact Park and Rec. Thanks!


Credits Policies for Day Camps


We do not have day camp refunds, but we have credits. This is our policy at all program locations.


You may have a 50% credit up until 1 week before camp. This includes before, core and after care hours. 


From 1 week until camp: Sorry, there are no credits.


In an emergency, if you are sick on the day of camp, we will grant a credit if you provide us with a Dr. note. 


If there is a cancellation due to reasons out of our control (such as a snow day or closure due to a local crisis) we will issue a 100% credit for a make up day if there is an opportunity to do so on the following day (for example, during big snow storms.) If there is no opportunity for a make up day, the account will be credited 70% good to use anytime.


Our 2016-2017 Winter, Spring Break, and Summer Camp Policies are as follows:


We do allow refunds and credits. 


Our camps require a deposit at registration. Partial or full payment of the total fee can be made to the camp in addition at this time. As the camp date gets closer, our cancellation credits change to reflect our costs in preparation for your arrival.


Until 6 weeks, there is a 100% credit or refund on core hours and extra care hours, minus the core hour camp deposit. 


6 weeks before camp: Full Payment is due.


For cancelations from 4-6 weeks ahead of camp, 50% refund or credit will be awarded on core and extended hours.


For cancellations 2-4 weeks ahead of camp there is no refund or credit awarded for core hours and 50% credit only on extended hours. 


At 2 weeks before camp there is no refund or credit on core and no refund or credit on extended hours.


During week long camps, we cannot give refunds of credits on days missed due to any days of camp forced to close due to reasons out of our control.  


Behavior Policy

We staff 1 teacher per 10 children. 

Our staff is comprised of visual and performing teaching artists with exciting and ambitious artistic content to challenge young people. The enviornment will be exciting and there will be story-project goals each day that take collabration. If your child needs frequent and considerable 1:1 assistance with behavior modification throughout the day to stay focused, our camps are not recommended. 


We follow a policy of logical consequences at our camps so that we can all have a safe and enjoyable experience. Participants are expected to be kind and respectful of each-other, to themselves, staff and the environment. This expectation instils children with a sense of responsibility. We will address parents if there are reoccurring behavior issues and after this step, if a problem persists, the child may be asked to withdraw from camp without a refund. 


What to wear:

We like to look like a party is going on and for kids to be visably identifiable as Lab campers. All kids will get a wristband at sign in and kids can dress for mess and wear what makes them feel happy and creative. Funky clothes, funny hats, different color socks and silly pajama pants are totally at home at Lola’s Lab. We also have shirts, designed by Lola for sale during registration. These are stongly recommended, as they help campers be visably identified as Lola's Lab campers. 


 If you have already purchased Lab gear, great! If you already have a tee-shirt from your past Lab camps, please be sure that it still fits your growing child. Parents may purchase our shirts online during registration and we will also have some at camp for sale (but sizes and styles cannot be guaranteed, especially for late registrations). Purchasing online at least 3 weeks in advance of camp is recommended for this reason. We realize these and other complex factors both at home and at camp will make it difficult to be sure all campers have Lab tee-shirts at camp every single day. This is why we are recommending Lab shirts, but they wil not be mandatory. 



Things from home:

Please be sure to pack water bottles (marked with your child’s name)for your kids and put on sunscreen before camp. 


Kids should wear appropriate footwear for the playground, no flip-flops, please. We also appreciate that you do not bring toys from home to our programs.



We serve healthy, nut free snacks during the core hours of camp as well as in the aftercare program. If your child is on a special diet, they may bring their own snack, provided that it is nut free. Please do not pack nut products in your child’s lunches-- we have some campers with life threatening peanut allergies. 



If you are celebrating a birthday while at camp, please do not bring in regular balloons as some kids are allergic to latex, mylar balloons are OK. Do not bring in special food unless there is a store bought label with ingredients that our site director can check to be sure it is nut free.