Yup, there is a real Lola.


Lola is an expressive writer and artist who creates creative experiences that tell stories, direct ideas into new formats and give audiences opportunities to think and dream.


As a child, Lola loved being expressive more than her other school classes. She went early to school for drama and loved every minute in the art room. She wanted to explore her own ideas. And she was filled with enthusiasm, inspiration and theatrics.


In school, Lola let her great ideas compensate for subjects that were more difficult--but sometimes, she didn't keep up with her homework. One dark, dismal day in elementary school her teacher restricted her from participating in her beloved drama class saying, "the class was only for the kids who could finish everything. else" 


As soon as Lola wasn't exploring her learning though her creative strengths, she wasn't really engaged in learning at all. And she might have fallen behind instead of meeting her potential. But...ta da! This backwards way of motivating made a huge impression on Lola.


The experience of her past hardwired Lola to create exciting, expressive opportunities for audiences. She looks to create ways that unique voices can shine, creating the spark in the mind of an imaginative child. Learning can and should be fun.  



Today Lola is a creative artist, producer, 
artistic director and eductor. 

Lola has a knack for conveying information and ideas across multiple platforms. She directs her multidisciplinary expressive skills strategically to reach and open each child’s personal door of learning.

Lola thrives on meeting new people, trying new things, and then sharing her enthusiasm about her new experiences through her skills in writing, designing, performing, dancing and directing. Lola is motivated to inspire others to explore new things and collaborate with talented new friends.



A brief history of Lola's programs and projects...



Lola has created educational programs for children since 2000 when she began teaching for Arlington County and starting her own after school programs and camps. Later she co-founded and creative directed  Left Noodle-Right Noodle, LLC., a program that focused on using both sides of the brain to explore information and art. LNRN’s programs grew to be featured in over 38 schools.


Then Lola founded Lola’s Lab, LLC, in 2010 to produce the ultimate creative imagination stretching experiences for children, weaving fantasy and fact together at once, delivered by professional actors and artists. 


She also created Best Story Ever-- a creative language arts program that dove deep into etemology by mining for words in picturebooks. This might be the only class every known to allow kids to shock thier parents with tremendous word power.

In addition to writing and illustrating all the stories, the interactive books and tee's in the Lab and designing all the character costumes, Lola’s imagination and artistic talents have been used to develop parades, films, circus acts, exhibits and other special events.


She has created artworks, theatrical events and designs for Disney, Cirque Du Soleil, Very Special Arts at the Kennedy Center, The US Pavilion at the 1998 World’s Expo in Portugal and other special events including turning 150 people into pirates for a fantasy in the Caribbean! In Washington, DC, she is known for creating the “Watermelophant,” a 2002 DC Party Animal, and her 2009 “Obama Gown,” a wearable art piece that stopped innaugural party-goers in their tracks, in 2014, The Eyes of Ballston, an interactive public sculpture.  And in 2019, she creative directied an augmented reality app for a cultral diplomacy organization's exhibit that will be traveling all over China! 




Lola’s work has been featured in magazines, on TV and in the news. You can see her artistic portfolio by visiting www.lolalombard.com




Lola is also volunteer at Arlington Independent Media frequently running the cameras, floor directing, art directing and producing video shoots..


Served 4 years as a Commissioner of the Arts in Arlington, VA, advising the county on policy and program development, overseeing grants and public art programs, and advocating for the arts in Arlington.


Lola was a member of Arlington's Public Arts Committee and
Cultural Arts Steering Committee.

She's a graduate of the Leadership Center for Excellence, Class of 2016


She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, and has studied in Italy and at New York City’s Parsons School of Design/The New School. 


She received a 2004 Arlington Virginia County Individual Artist Grant. for development of her original musical parade, "Waking."



Fun facts!


Lola wishes she was in a marching band and is learning to play the yukelele and washboard! She's still terrible at it but plays with really  nice friends who don't mind.


She once took her goldfish to school, on a leash, rolling the bowl on a skateboard.


Movement is important to Lola. Lola's  been dancing in a hip-hop fusion class for over 10 years. She took Bollywood dance for a while, became besties with her instructor, prticipated with her troupe dancing Bollywood on stage, and even traveled to India!

All About Lola...