What's Lola's Lab Live like?

Conference Camps, Summer Camps, Teacher Workdays and more!



In each program,  your child becomes the creative hero in an Lola's immersive adventures. There's always an innovative mix of individual and team projects, live characters and original stories brought to life, loads of art, drama, movement, brainstorming, music, creative writing and more.

First, our campers experience the beginning of a story through a live character introduction. At once, the story comes to life! Imaginations light up. Then, as imaginations being to grow, characters invite the children directly into the story with them! 

Our campers set to work with a variety of art materials and techniques. Our professional visual and performing artists engage the campers to collaborate and use their creative ideas to solve problems in the story.  Campers may use creative writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, drama, music or dance (and more!)

In our weeklong camps, our story takes days to unfold with it’s elaborate and exciting twists and turns! Sometimes, our campers are interacting with our story as themselves, other times, they take on a new character who can fit into the story.

At the end of the day, our campers and our characters work together to resolve the story. Children experience the resolution as part of the story and as part of the audience.  Children come away with the values that all problems are solved through creativity, collaboration and dedication.